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14 June 2012 @ 11:52 am
As you guys know...I LOVE Dalmatian...and if you didn't know, now you do xD

So, if you guys don't mind, please just click this one simple link: http://www.gurupop.net/event/26/67757275706f7036343737
It's to help me win an autographed poster/album of Dalmatian, or get one LE card :)

It would mean the world to me! So please, take 2 seconds out of your life to just CLICK on it please :D

Thank you!
19 December 2011 @ 12:22 pm
After deliberating it for quite some time, I've decided to sell a few things from my collection because I'm really running out of room to store them, and well, I really don't have much use for them. ): Plus, I could really use the money for school, clothes, and other essentials.

Anyway, I'm still pretty bad at letting go, so the only thing I have to sell right now is a pair of Yoochun Time Out Gelato Mugs that are only sold in his mother's store in Korea.

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PLEASE READ >>>>> (The price of this item wasn't the problem when I first got it, but the shipping! The shipping seriously killed my budget, so unfortunately, I cannot sell it for JUST the in-store price...If I did that, I would be losing a MASSIVE amount of money >.< I'm very sorry, but please do not think I am trying to rip anyone off. In fact, I'm probably losing quite a bit of money on this sale...)

Like I said above, shipping sucks...so U.S. buyers are PREFERRED, but if you're willing to pay the extra shipping fees, I'll be more than happy to sell it to you.

That's right...A NEW KISS ME IS BORN!~
I honestly never thought I would ever get into U-Kiss, but after watching an interview they did with Eat Your Kimchi's Simon and Martina, I must say, Kevin and AJ really reeled me into the fandom!~ Of course, the other members were there, however, since all but three did not really speak, I didn't really pay much attention to their faces ^^; I didn't pay much attention to Eli either since he pretty much said about four words lol.

Anyway!~ After watching both new and old videos, I must say, U-Kiss is amazing~ Ahahah! For the past week or so, I've been spending every waking hour doing something U-Kiss related!~

It seems like I always get into a group shortly after they have a member's change too ): Why is that? 
Well, to touch up on the subject...I honestly really like all the members, both former and current. However, I do feel like I will never truly feel that fondess and everlasting love that original Kiss Me's feel for Alexander and Kibum. I've watched plenty of shows with them, and they're really funny and cool guys, but I don't know. I didn't feel a very big attachment towards them. They're still really amazing and funny guys though!~ They made me laugh a lot during U-Kiss' Vampire....Ahhh Kibum "Hey red shirt you were wrong again KEKEKEKEKE" lol
Also, I know it's hard when members leave groups and especially when new ones come in to fill that void...but I honestly hate how people are refusing to accept the new members, Hoon and AJ. I mean, if the other U-Kiss members were able to accept them, why can't you? I mean, the members have a stronger connection with each other than they do with the fans. So it probably hurt them the most when Alexander and Kibum left...so why is that they can get along with the new members, while the fans can't? I really like Hoon and AJ, and think they're amazing~ Lol so maybe I'm just a little butthurt, but still...I think it's ridiculous to have such a closed mind about it...Give them a chance?
I cried a lot when DBSK...disbanded...so I would expect Kiss Me's to be very sad and depressed about the news. However, I'm over here REALLY contemplating how I would feel if SM or C-Jes decided to add new members in order to make the groups five members again...Though I would be annoyed and I'd be hurt, I'd do my absolute best to support and love them. I know it's not as bad, but I remember when Yunho and Changmin performed Balloons with SHINee...I was upset at first, but I dealt with it. I don't hate SHINee for it...in fact, I ended up laughing at which member sang which part. Going "OH YEAH! MINHO GOT YOOCHUN'S PART!~ They both have deep voices ahahaha."

Continuing on with the whole member change...(is this turning into more of a rant? D:)
I agree that the change was unexpected and heartbreaking, especially when it seemed like U-Kiss was about to get somewhere in their careers. I mean, they were planning to go to debut in America! And to suddenly announce that two members will no longer be in the group...I wouldn't even know what to say about that. However, I don't like it when people go on about how NHM is evil, and when fans ask "If they weren't good enough, why hire them in the first place?" Well here's the thing...this is the Entertainment BUSINESS. Business is business. That's all I can tell you. A group is an INVESTMENT to it's producers. They pick members that show POTENTIAL in being successful artists. HOWEVER, if they do not perform as expected...of course the producer may have second thoughts and drop them. It's just that. It's not a hard concept, so I don't understand why people are saying it was unfair, uncalled for, and etc. I mean, it is...in a fans mind and heart...but in a business perspective...it really wasn't. By the way, I'm not saying I feel like Kibum and Alexander didn't perform well or as expected...I'm only giving an example and a possible reason as to why....

I seem really harsh...but I'm a REALISTIC FAN. No matter how much I love a group, I'm going to be realistic. I try not to be overally biased because I HATE it when people are like that. *Cough the reason why I don't like the VIPs from iBigbang cough*
Even when it comes to DBSK, as much as I love them...and as much as I DREAM, HOPE, AND PRAY that they get back together...in my mind...I kinda know that the chances of that is close to 0 now...I mean, the gap between the two are getting farther and farther apart...emotionally and career wise I guess...So I really don't know how both groups can mend all their hurt feelings and wounds and get back together as a group like nothing even happened...If they do get back together...would they still be as close? Would all five members actually be ONE again? ...It's a sad thought for a Cassie...but again, I'm realistic. I still go by "Always Keep the Faith" but I think that phrase differs in everyone. For me, it means to support the boys in whatever directly they choose and to love them no matter where they choose to take their careers. AND WHEN DID THIS JOURNAL BECOME ABOUT DBSK!? kk lol Let's get back to U-Kiss

Ummm...well on to the new members then? AJ and Hoon.
Well, at first, I didn't really care much for Hoon.. He was just another guy. However, after watching more videos, I really warmed up to him. ^^ He's really adorable...with unexpectly hard abs...Like seriously, I've never seen such toned abs before o-o They're ridiculous! It doesn't really match his quiet guy look, but I don't mind!~ Ahahaha By the way, I DO NOT THINK HE LOOKS LIKE YOOCHUN! lol (Extremely Yoochun biased lol)...but I guess Hoon resembles him...at times...but rarely!
AJ, AJ, AJ...This boy...I can't even describe him lol I enjoy his presence in the group a lot...however, at times, he really makes me cringe. Like, "Ahhh...why would you do that!? That's why some fans don't like you ;A;" lol However, I still really like him!~ There's just something about him that catches my attention ^^ Well...I think his face reeled me in, but then his personality sealed the deal XD lol

I think I'm done? Lol...ENJOY THIS VIDEO NOW... 

Pink: Kevin | Red: Soohyun | Blue: AJ | Silver: Hoon | Gold: Dongho | MIA: Kiseop and Eli


13 June 2011 @ 03:19 pm
Well, as new CDs and DVDs continue to be released, the harder it is for me to complete my collection >.<
I keep putting off the older merchandise in order to buy the newer ones.
That, and I just keep forgetting about certain items ^^; lol So this is just to keep track on what I need to get~
[I could just copy and paste these onto Selling & Trading communities too :D]
There are actually a lot more CDs that I need to complete my collection, but these are just the ones I REALLY want lol
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05 June 2011 @ 02:03 am


Well, unfortunately, my love for Big Bang has died down a lot.
I haven't been very impressed with their latest songs, and I'm just kinda disappointed with how YG has been dealing with their prommotional activites as well as how VIPs have been acting. It's not a recent thing, I've been very annoyed with a lot of VIPs for a long time, and I think that contributes to why my fandom for Big Bang has kinda come to an end.

I've sold pretty much every Big Bang thing I owned. I'll be keeping my Heartbreaker and Remember CD because I still really like the songs.

Anyway, I'm saying FINALLY not because I'm glad to be over Big Bang because I'm really not. They were the reason why I started liking kpop.
I'm saying it because I FINALLY changed my layout! LOL
I kept that Big Bang layout for a really long time after my fandom died out of laziness, so I finally got the motivation to change it...errr...well, it's not really motivation...but a way to get out of doing my homework :P lol

My layout now represents my true love and fandom!~ DBSK! 
I remember when I first started liking them~ I bought so much stuff o-o I spent a lot more on them than I did Big Bang. At first I told myself "Oh, it's because DBSK has more limited edition goods, so I have to buy them right away! It's not what it seems! I still like Big Bang the best!"

I guess it was foreshadowing my future, and I just wasn't ready to face the fact that DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ/Homin, whatever you'd like to call them, has taken over my life.

So as of now, the rank of my fandoms:
DBSK/JYJ/Homin > Dalmatian > U-Kiss = FT Island = CNBLUE 

My rising fandoms
A-Peace - B1A4 - 

And since summer vacation will start THIS FRIDAY, my watchlist for dramas:
City Hunter + MISS RIPLEY! [My beloved Yoochun <3]

21 November 2010 @ 10:25 pm
How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

DBSK...Ahhh...Yeah, it's being called a hiatus...but with how things are, it really seems like they're broken up.
When their activities were first suspended...I cried so much lol...I still do sometimes. It was really a empty and heart breaking time...

Though it doesn't stop me from supporting them :) Whether they're together or not, I love each and every member. I'll continue to support them no matter what. And of course, I'll Always Keep the Faith <3 :)

I'll continue to wait for the day when they can perform together as 5 again :)

I'll feel the same way for any of the bands I like [Big Bang, FT Island, CNBLUE, and etc.]
10 September 2010 @ 04:59 pm

- This is a very short fan account, probably going to include more picture than anything else. So I warn you, this will be very image heavy! However, as I have over 150 pictures, I will be posting individual posts for each band. [Mostly HoMin, SHINee, and Suju]. However, as I am mainly a DBSK fan, I will only write a fan account for them. If I find the time, I might write a more SHINee and Suju centric one. SO PRAY THAT MY TEACHERS WONT GIVE ME LOTS OF HOMEWORK THIS WEEK! Or if a lot of people ask, I'll just do one anyway lol And please excuse the quality of some of the picture. I do not have a professional camera, and it's not like they were just standing there the whole time. They were dancing, jumping, and etc.

I should also warn you, a lot of things went wrong lol



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03 September 2010 @ 06:05 pm

Wow....After months of waiting...it's finally here >.<
Tomorrow night...I will be able to see Yunho and Changmin LIVE and IN PERSON
The very thought makes me wanna faint >.<

Even though the other members aren't there, I'm still glad I'm able to show my support to these two ^^
I'm really excited ^^

But ah >.< Spending $200 for just 2 people seems a little ridicoulous now...
But at the end of the day, I <s>think</s>know it'll be worth it ^^

One day, I hope I'll be able to get the chance to cheer not for JYJ or Homin...but for DBSK.
Never will my faith waver. I'll always be here, waiting for the day when I'll be able to once again see the "W" shine.

Always Keep the faith - It's the phrase that keeps my hope alive ^^ Never shall I forget this...

18 August 2010 @ 12:50 am
What is your ultimate dream job? Do you think you'll ever live the dream?

I've had a problem with this for most of my life D:
For a majority of the time, I've wanted to do something with drawing such as graphic designing or animation...but after awhile, that just didn't seem appealing. I like drawing, but I don't think I would ever be able to start a career with it. Mainly because I cannot be forced to draw. I draw when I please, and if I don't feel like it, the outcome will not be great.

After that, I thought of maybe being a lawyer. I've always thought about this, and it seemed like a great choice. But then again, if I studied law...I would be bound to the United States. It's not like I could become a lawyer in any other country with a US degree for law D: And same goes if I studied abroad. I don't want to be bound to just 1 place. That, and I have a feeling there will come a time when I'll be sick of it all. So that option is out.

I've recently thought of maybe doing something in the music industry? I'm pretty shy, so actually being an entertainer is close to impossible. But I'd really be interested in things such as marketing, business, and maybe even managing. But then again, the music industry I'm interested in is the Korean and Japanese industry...so the chances of that happening are very slim, right? ^^; Especially the Korean industry D: So I'm not really sure if this dream will ever come true. But really, I'd like to live in Japan or Korea(This option is VERY unlikely since the immigration laws are very strict in Korea) so anything that I would enjoy, even partially, and will be able to give me a decent living there would be great ^^ But again, this is all very unlikely...and nothing more than a dream.

But even so...I think I'll continue to do my best and strive for this dream. Even if I fail, it'll be worth it to me...this is because, well, if nothing comes up that will make me move away from this goal, then did I really miss out on anything? No. It's not like I threw out a potentially great oppurtinity just for this little chance. So with that, I think I would be more than satisfied with my life. I wouldn't have any regrets ^^
17 August 2010 @ 11:16 am

*sigh* One of the things I really hate about kpop/jpop...is that...well, once one group releases something, another group does shortly after, as well. What's worse, is that I'm usually the fan of both groups! And being the avid collector and fan that I am, I just can't say no when it comes to buying said goods >.< Of course, I have more will when it comes to certain areas...but in other areas....I'm like puddy orz I try to say no, but it comes out more like "Sorry, n- Sure okay. Thanks" And there are I am, $50 poorer. [P.S. This is usually towards Yoochun lol XD I can't say no when it comes to hom o-o ]

But seriously, who plans these things? >.<
JYJ Goods - Heartbreaking concert, but still memoriable and important. And of course, the cutest Yoochun goods! I had to buy TT^TT

SMTOWN LIVE - The tickets were not cheap, I'll tell you that >.< But c'mon! A once in a liftetime oppurtinity to see HoMin and Shinee LIVE!

JYJ Concert ALbum and DVD - Seriously? They did this on purpose D< But I have to buy the DVD at least TT^TT (Still need to scrap up the money first orz)

A-Nation Goods - TT^TT okay...I'm getting prety desperate right now. Ahh...They're all so cute >.< The headband, bag, and even the Yoochun wristband! Kyah!~ It's even blue! My favorite color along with Yoochun's name~ It's perfect...And if that bag is big enough...Maybe I can convince mom to buy it for school?  +u+ .....Yeah, very unlikely orz. Damnit....

Big Bang Summer Sonic Goods - TT^TT I want that beach ball and rings TT^TT 

Big Bang Japanese Album - Y'know, I'm sorta glad their Korean comeback is delayed...it'll save me mone- Wait...no it won't -_- Because Japanese singles are more expensive than Korean albums 99% of the time orz. And again, as an avid collecter...I can't help myself when it comes to limited edition and first press

*sigh* What to do...what to do....orz